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A very deceptive and elegant close-up force bag that has been designed by Alan Wong and made to Wayne Dobson's specifications. 

Simple and minimal in design, this pocket-size force bag is seen to be nothing but purely a see-through net bag in mystic black color with no fancy borders, visible partitions, Velcro or magnets. Yet there is a secret compartment to facilitate the force billets or any small items. 

You can stare close up into the see-through bag and find nothing. It can be folded, it occupies almost no space, it's lighter than air, and fits into your pocket for any walk-around and table-hopping gigs. 

Includes two of Wayne's personal routines, Lucky Dip 2.0 and Buttons, using this newly custom-designed bag. 

Message from Wayne: 

THIS FINE UTILITY PROP came about when I was developing a routine that uses buttons or coins, in a bag. The bag in question had to be a change bag, and originally was a clear force bag. 

Then Alan Wong came up with the prototype in the form of a mesh bag, which handled much better than an unforgiving plastic bag. It is such a nice bag that I was keen to offer it to magicians and mentalists as a utility item. 

It comes with two routines: my original Buttons idea, together with an improvement of an effect I published called Lucky Dip 2.0. It obviously lends itself to routines based on the lottery theme, as well as the wealth of routines in print that rely on a change bag. So, you have a bag I know you'll put to use, particularly for close-up and platform work, alongside two commercial, simple routines using it. Have fun with them! 

You can be sure THE FORCE Will Be With You Always.


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