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Spiritus Claritas by Dan Baines

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Spiritus Claritas ist eine revolutionäre Möglichkeit, mehr aus deiner spirituellen Ouija-Mental-Sitzung zu machen. Du erhältst diverse Requisiten und eine englischsprachige digitale Anleitung, in der Ideen und Tipps zu den einzelnen Symbolen geliefert werden. Es ist also gewissermassen eine Wissenssammlung. 


Die Anleitung enthält keine Hinweise, wie du eine Seance abhältst. Auch sind die Karten in keiner Weise markiert und es werden auch keine Zauberprinzipien erklärt. Dieses Set ist für Leute, die eine echte Seance abhalten möchten. 


  • Ein 38 Karten Alpha/Symbol Deck in einer Büchse
  • Ein Beschrieb in englischer Sprache
  • Ein Exemplar des Lese-Systems Flibbertigibbet
  • 5 Schicksalskarten
  • 4 Lese-Steine
  • Knochenwürfel

Details in Englisch:

Spiritus Claritas is a revolutionary way of getting more from your Ouija sessions and allowing questions to be answered quickly and easily. In this book I am assuming you already have some knowledge of conducting such sessions and will describe in detail how each card can be used within a session.

The standard Ouija board tends to have the letters a-z, numbers 0-9 and Yes/No. The Spiritus cards have symbols as well as letters and they have been carefully chosen to cover the scenarios and questions that are likely to come up in a session.

You can confirm the answers by asking the spirit to move to the yes or no. This saves the spirit the arduous task of spelling out each letter and means that you can gain more from each session.

The symbols have multiple uses and can be applied to many different questions, as we will outline in this book. If you are a regular séance host, you will be aware of the kinds of scenarios and the types of questioned which are often asked.

As a result, you will find this set of cards something that will be essential to any future séances you conduct.

The supplied book is intended as a guide to give you some ideas as to what the symbols could mean when a spirit indicates one. For further clarification, you can then ask the spirit to answer via the yes/no cards; for example: if they point to the card symbolizing a field being ploughed, ask Were you a farmer?

Spirits find it easier to answer questions that require a yes or no answer, rather than spelling things out laboriously. Similarly, if a spirit is illiterate, they will find responding to pictures and yes/no questions a lot easier than being asked to spell things out in detail.

This is often why you sometimes get gibberish responses at a Ouija board session. Not only that, but the rules for spelling have changed over time and although the word may make sense to your spirit, you may have trouble understanding it, unless you are an expert in historical languages!

Please note - No information is given on how to actually conduct a séance.

These cards are intended for real séance environments, no magic routines are discussed and the cards are not marked in any way.

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