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Sleeving System by Witness Kou

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Hello Everyone, I am Witness Kou. Sharpie is one of the most popular signature markers for magicians. Sleeving is a historical and useful sleight of hand. And today you will see this traditional sleight of hand with new techniques and innovative ideas. I would love to call it "shooting sleeving".

Have you ever tried these stupid ways to switch a pen?

Have you ever experienced that something sneaky falls down while you're performing?

But now, you just need a simple move. Instantly, you have already switched any pen or object without any gimmicks.

You can now easily and efficiently equip any gimmicked Sharpie available in the market and use these new techniques to create your own magical ideas and thoughts in your act.

"Shooting Sleeving" has its own special system on setting the sleeve of your jacket or shirt. Therefore, you can naturally put down both of your hands or make any movement and produce it when you need it.

In addition to the explanation and details of the techniques, I will also share 2 visual acts and effects that I have performed for 3 years.

Sleeving System contains 2 Sharpie gimmicks to let you do more visual and practical effects with this sleight of hand.



    2 gimmicked Sharpies
    1 normal Sharpie
    Online instructions


    Shooting sleeving
    One hand switch
    Pen and coin routine 1&2
    Twisted Sharpie 1&2
    Bonus move: Sharpie through card
    Bonus move: pen to lighter
    Bonus move: Omni pen
    Bonus move: sponge ball
    Bonus move: amazing Sharpie

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