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Jungle Jamboree

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A fantasic new game that combines many of the activities that children love with music, sound effects and very colourful, beautifully illustrated characters.

At the start of the game the entertainer plays a specially produced music CD with our licenced childrens music. This is a fun upbeat cartoony jungle track for the children to dance around the room.

When the music stops, one of several animal sound effects are played. The children run excitedly to the correct animal!
Of course there is a lot more too it than this but gives you a small idea of the potential fun to be had from this fantastic game pack.

The pack comes with a set of six beautifully illustrated GIANT A4 sized game cards, featuring a lion, elephant, monkey and snake. But also two extra cards One has all the animals on one card called the Jungle and the other is a very special card called the MAGIC CAVE!

What are these special cards for ? Well you'll have to wait and see when you buy the game but both add a great twist to the action!

Comes including the CD with licenced tracks, cards and instructions.

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