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Elastraflex by Joe Rindfleisch

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Eine Tinktur, die auf Gummibändern angewendet wird, um diese elastischer, glänzend und langlebiger zu machen. Ideal für die neuen Joe Rindfleisch Rainbow Rubberbands.

Add just a few drops to any rubber band and you'll be amazed at the transformation as it goes from ordinary to extraordinary. Specially formulated to add strength, shine and durability to your rubber bands.

Elastraflex works well with Joe Rindfleisch's Rainbow Rubber Bands to recoat or if you prefer, add more Elastraflex to add extra shine and ease of motion when performing with more than one band. Elastraflex also works with other bands to make them shiny strong and stretch further then they were normally designed to. Once you start using Elastraflex on your bands you will notice the difference immediately and be amazed with what is now possible!

Benefits Include:
Adds Shine
Bands become stronger
Stretch further than normal
Bands slide smoothly against each other
Bands feel better, they don't feel like rubber
Not as harsh on your wrist and skin.
Smells better than other bands

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