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Counterfeit Hollingworth by Wayne Houchin

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From Wayne Houchin's Lecture - this effect has not been released into the mass market as of yet!

In 2001 I began working on an extremely practical version of the torn & restored card effect. A playing card or business card is openly ripped into 4 pieces. It is then magically restored one piece at a time.

The open handling and practical method allow Counterfeit Hollingworth to be performed in close-up, intimate situations.

I briefly considered releasing the effect to the magic community in 2006, but due to the number of torn & restored card routines being released at the time, I decided to keep it off the market. For half a decade Counterfeit Hollingworth has been a popular feature of my live lecture.

For those of you who have not yet had the opportunity to make it to one of my lectures - this is your chance to pickup a copy of my exclusive lecture DVD teaching Counterfeit Hollingworth in depth. This is the first time that this effect is being made available outside of my live lecture. - Wayne Houchin

You get a DVD with detailed instructions on how to perform this great torn and restored card illusion.

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