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CORONAVIRUS SAFETY FOR STAGE-HYPNOTISTS, MAGICIANS & MENTALISTS by Jonathan Royle, Stuart "Harrizon" Cassels, Rich Guzzi & Stuart Gavin - Mixed Media Download

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Released on 24th June 2020 ensuring that the information and advice contained is bang up to date and with further resources and links provided so that you can continually update the advice on a regular basis, this is the most complete package of advice about how to become COVID-19 SAFE available for Hypnotherapists, Stage-Hypnotists, Magicians & Mentalists.

Within the downloadable zip file you will gain access to 3 video files (over 6 hours), 3 audio files (over 6 hours) and numerous PDF manuals and documents which are referred to within the instructional advice videos and audios.

Hosted by British Hypnotist, Mind Magician & Hypnotherapist Jonathan Royle, this package includes:

*Two and a half hours of interviews with Experienced Health and Safety Consultant Stuart "Harrizon" Cassels who is also a performing Hypnotist, Magician, Mentalist & Hypnotherapist.

* Two and a half hours of interviews with Experienced Health and Safety Consultant and Business Law & Compliancy Adviser Stuart Gavin who is also an experienced Hypnotherapist and Presenter of Public Demonstrations & Entertainment events.

*Over one hour of interview with Legendary American Comedian & Comedy Stage Hypnotist Rich Guzzi.

Between those 6 hours of interviews you will learn not just how to become COVID-19 SAFE & LEGAL but you will also learn about General Health & Safety, Duty of Care and other Legal Issues that as an Entertainer and/or Therapist you should be paying attention to and abiding by at all times even when we are not experiencing a Pandemic.

Along the way you'll learn what changes a Comedy Stage Hypnotist, Hypnotherapist, Magician or Mentalist must make to their Shows or Sessions in order to be Legal, Lawful, Licensed (where required in world), Insured Correctly and Above all else SAFE.

You will learn how to put together a Risk Assessment and Safety Management Guide Specific to your performances and sessions as well as ways to get more work in these crazy times by being able to put Agents, Show Promoters, Venue Bookers, Clients and Potential customers of all types at ease that they will be as Safe as can possibly be in your hands so to speak.

We discuss resources for material that is Covid Safe for Magicians and Mentalists to perform in their shows as well as every element of how to do a Covid Safe Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show and/or Hypnotherapy Session.

As we have a true desire to help all our Fellow Entertainers and Therapists to get back to work Safely, Legally, Lawfully, Ethically & Morally as rapidly and Successfully as possible that is why we are only charging a nominal $10 for this bumper package.

Every Entertainer & Mind Therapy Practitioner will benefit massively by studying the contents of this package and putting the advice within to action within today.

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