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How To Read Minds Kit by Ellusionist

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Das wohl beste Zauberset für angehende Mentalisten:

One of the most amazing magic kits on the market: You can become a magician with mind blowing mental effects. Get your sets now. This might change your life


The SECRETS inside this kit will give YOU the ability to:

• Know the unlock code to anyone's phone

• Reveal any word they think of

• See inside their mind & pull out a thought

• Predict someone’s choices before they make them

• Know their 4-digit credit card PIN

• Draw the exact object they secretly drew

• Guess a serial number on a borrowed bill

• Predict the total of randomly-generated numbers... works every time!

You might be going something like this... “This is fake. This can’t work. Look at these claims. I’ll never be able to do this.” We know because we’ve been there. And we don’t fault you. But we can end that voice in your head. First, remember one thing. This is all we do, is teach this stuff. We’ve done it for two decades and have taught over a million magicians. Some of them are on TV. We’ve taught many of the magicians you see on America’s Got Talent. This kit WILL BE everything you hoped for.

A message from the desk of Brad Christian Founder of Ellusionist The breakdown of a reaction... Think about what it takes to put this kind of expression on someone’s face. What does it TAKE? Find out someone close to you has died? A car coming at you head-on? Or discover a stranger knows a myriad of your personal details? We walked up to that woman on South Beach five minutes before that picture was taken and she was happy as a lark. You have to understand that you are playing with the human mind. The mind goes deep into all corners, but is in many instances predictable. Is this manipulation? Or just pre-knowledge of the way people behave in normal life, and using that knowledge? That’s the skill you will develop. You will watch as knowledge of human psychology pays the price time and again…..and gets the reaction.

YOU NEED TO PLAY THE OPPONENT, NOT THE CARDS What separates the good players from the great is their ability to recognize what level their opponent is thinking on and adjust their strategy accordingly. This kit is a razor course on discovering the level of thinking that the vast majority of the general public is on, and how to play that level for shock and amazement. This is where Pete Turner excels, and what he teaches in the course. But, you decide how much you will delve into the subtleties he teaches, the video clocks in at over 8 hours of teaching, all included with the kit. This is a master class in psychology. It’s been said over and over (read the reviews) that no expense was spared in the development of the material and props in this collection. And here is the path the reaction almost always takes…..shock…. disbelief….. awe…. and finally….utter respect. When we say people want to buy your drinks for you, that’s not hyperbole. Because they feel you have delved deeply into them, seen things that others haven’t seen, they feel closer. There’s a level of intimacy that takes place inherently. It happens time and again. The least they can do for you is get a round of drinks. You’ll see. And it won’t take long.

The How To Read Minds Kit is LIFE CHANGING. Open the box and discover….what these secrets do for you. Who knew that a hundred bucks plunked down for a kit could do so much? Who knew….. WE DID. BECAUSE WE’VE DONE IT FOR 20 YEARS. Ellusionist has trained more professional magicians and mind readers than any other company in the world… including many of the ones you see on TV. Our reputation for having the most effective training in the world is untouched. Beginner all the way through pro level. We’ve existed for two decades and we’ve been busy in that time. Ellusionist followed the path of the intuitive, the glam-packed, but NATURAL way of “styling” magic. We made magic what you see today. Gone are top hats and tails, gone are the doves. Let them fly back to the 50’s where they came from. We put the magician on the street in jeans and a tshirt, doing miracles. We made magicians into STARS. What if we could do even a little bit of that for you? Magic, and more importantly mind-reading, is meant to be done naturally, almost as an afterthought. Let it just “occur”. Set it up, lead people, let them ask for it. Let your miracles out of the box slowly. There’s no need to pound the table for attention. In fact, you’ll never do that again. From now on when you speak, people listen. You will remain connected to those around you, but on another level. SHOOT YOUR SHOT. CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

You'll receive the Magic Kit with English video instructions and a variety of props.