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Sybil Livida Deck by Erik Mana

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To many magicians and cardists and even some collectors, Sybil is synonymous to the famous card flourish that has become the basic foundation to many cardistry techniques today.

In ancient times oracles went by a different name... Sybil. Sybils were know as prophetess and were regularly sought out for divine advice. Playing cards too have divine elements and have been used in divination and magic for centuries, which is why the Sybil deck will always have a special kinship in it's design.

Sybil brings that special silver 3D effect with an enhanced finish by EPCC.
Enhanced flourish back design
Frame design with thinner borders
Custom designed court cards
Jokers and magic reveals
Embossed and foil stamped tuck boxes
Custom engineered tuck boxes (cigarette box style)
Precision cut card stock
'Master Finish' for better metallic ink shine
Produced by Expert Playing Card Company
Livida is a gorgeous grey/blue color which takes on a whole new life in metallic ink. Coupled with EPCC's Master Finish and you have a truly unique deck of cards with a color like no other.

On top of that is the newly upgraded tuck box. Sybil Livida has its own cigarette style box. The new tuck box is printed in full grey/blue metallic ink with a semi-gloss finish to bring out the beautiful shine. It is also embossed with silver foil stamp to add to the premium quality.

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