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Six Masterpieces by Wayne Dobson

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The six jaw-droppingly good routines in this book were originally destined to be either marketed, as individual tricks, or unleashed on the unsuspecting magic world in the form of, what would have had to be, a high priced DVD. However, in these times of economic uncertainty, rather than put you to all that expense... Wayne has saved you a small fortune by publishing them all in this little book, which has cost you a fraction of what just one of the tricks would have cost as a marketed item.

To do this, he has had to put his thinking cap on and adapt all six routines so that you will be able to perform them with props that you either already have, will be able to buy or can make at very little cost.

My personal favorite is Once upon a Time- a routine which truly has a fairy tale ending! Wayne has cleverly built the prop for this item into the book itself.... genius!

Settle down now, fasten your safety belts, extinguish those cigarettes and enjoy the company of Best Friends, Amnesia, Only Joking, Every Time, Perspiration and The Once upon a Time.

Best Friends You predict which 2 of 5 coins are selected!

Amnesia 2 signed cards change places!

Only Joking Their chosen card, matches your prediction, and the rest are... Jokers!

Every Time You predict the hour they think of!

Perspiration You reveal which colored coins are in their hands and predict the one they left in a purse!

Once Upon A Time They cut and shuffle repeatedly, yet you predict 25 face up, 16 red, etc.

Pages 12 - 8 1/2 x 6 - Color cover - Saddle Stitched

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