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Magnetmünzen by Kreis Magic 2x Fr. 2.-

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Eine ganze DVD vollgepackt mit Routinen, die Sie mit zwei superstarken Magnetmünzen vorführen können. Wir haben eine beschränkte Anzahl Sets mit 2 Stk. 2 Fränklern und der DVD. COINS ACROSS Magician holds four coins in his left hand. The coins jump into his right hand one by one. This effect is super visual. COIN ACROSS WITH GLASS The coin visually jumps between two glasses. COIN THROUGH THE GLASS Magician quickly knocks a coin against the bottom of a glass, and the coin penetrates to the inside of the glass. COIN THROUGH THE SPECTATOR’S HAND The spectator holds the coins in their closed hand. Without any suspicious moves, the magician extracts the coin through the closed fist. The spectator will no longer trust even their own sense of touch. COIN THROUGH THE DECK Magician places a deck over the mouth of a glass. He smashes a coin into the deck. The coin penetrates the deck to land in the glass. REVERSE COIN THROUGH THE TABLE and GLASS Magician places a glass on the table. One coin is brought under the table. He smashes the coin into the bottom of the table. The coin penetrates the table and jumps into the glass. HEADS OR TAILS Magician places a coin in a non-see-through (opaque) glass. Without seeing it, the magician controls which side of the coin faces up. COIN TOSS Magician tosses the coin, and predicts heads or tails correctly every time. MENTAL GAME There are three different kinds of coin. While the magician is turned away, the spectator places one coin in their own pocket. The two remaining coins are held in each of the spectator’s closed hands. Then the magician tells exactly which coin is in which hand or pocket. (NOTE:) This effect is fully explained in the English paper instructions.

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