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Cardistry Playing Cards farbig

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This is a limited and numbered edition of just 5.000 decks, and nearly all have already been preordered through Kickstarter. We have the last decks available worldwide! Hurry to order yours before they... "dissappear" for good!
This deck, with its geometric modern style is already a classic deck for cardistry. The main colors of the faces are black and purple and are the essence of mystery and extravagance.
The springy stock makes performing and flourishing with these cards a real pleasure! The United States Playing Card Company was chosen as the materials and inks they use ensure that the cards have a great snap and feel to them.
The court cards are illustrated in great detail, and make this deck a great piece for collectors.
The Aces also have really unique designs.

The back of the cardS provide an awesome visual effect when performing fans, spins, spreads....
If you are a fan of Cardistry you cannot miss this fantastic deck!

Each box is has a numbered seal on it.

Many believe that the four suits represented the four seasons, and we are sure this deck will accompany you spring, summer, autumn and winter.
- Peerless court cards have custom and traditional designs.
- Unique geometric and vivid color tuck case design.
- Printed by The United States Playing Card Company.
- Bicyle Stock and AIR-Cushion Finish.
• The cards are poker size.

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