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Fractalicious (DVD and Gimmicks) by John Bannon and Big Blind Media

par Murphys
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A collection of visually-stunning, examinable, simple to perform, cutting edge packet tricks.
Includes 5 special USPCC printed cards *

FRACTALICIOUS assembles FIVE brain-poppingly incredible packet tricks (plus two fantastic bonus routines). These are NOT your run-of-the-mill packet tricks. Easy, self-contained miracles with multiple climaxes that all end examinable (fractal!). You name it - these tricks tick ALL the right boxes. Featuring John Bannon's revolutionary new move, "The Bullet Party Count."

Brainiac *
Montinator 5.0
Chop Shop
Short Attention Spin *
Spin Doctor *

Box Of Doom
Self Assembly *

"An instant classic! Liam and JB's packet trick, 'Montinator 5.0' is one of the best and fooling packet tricks ever created. It fools me when I do it! I just can't understand why everyone isn't doing it!"
- Jack Carpenter

"Bannon and Montier hit the trifecta with these tricks. It's scary what you get when you combine Bannon's mastery and Montier's devious young mind. These amazing effects take Bannon's Bullet Party Count to new heights. They are cunning, practical and surprising as hell."
- John Guastaferro

"John and Liam really have tipped their mitt in this collection. Beautifully crafted pieces of magical gold you will seriously love performing!"
- John Carey
UGC MR52472

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